New: NOAA by the Numbers

  • NOAA by the Numbers is a collection of data and economic statistics relevant to NOAA’s mission and programs that highlights the agency’s substantial contributions to the U.S. economy.
  • NOAA by the Numbers was developed for NOAA leadership and employees preparing for Congressional visits and testimony, budget preparation, speeches, and other external events.
  • Contributions to U.S. income, employment and output are among the types of statistics in the report. These statistics directly reflect the market value and human uses of resources affected by NOAA’s programs.
  • An accessible version of this report can be found here – Updated 17 JUL 2018
  • We hope that as you use this report, you will provide feedback to NOAA’s Chief Economist Team through this feedback form so that we can continue our collaborative efforts to value NOAA’s contribution to the U.S. economy.

NOAA by the Numbers is not:

  • NOAA by the Numbers is not a comprehensive collection of data and does not represent NOAA’s complete breadth of work.
  • A verification of past work. No attempts were made to verify past work.
  • NOAA by the Numbers is not an adequate basis for benefit-cost studies because it is not a comprehensive assessment of the costs of NOAA’s programs – the document examines specific benefit streams.

NOAA provides the science, service, and stewardship that citizens need to react to and plan for the changing environment around them. To help achieve its mission, the agency must integrate natural science work with the social, behavioral, and economic sciences to affect meaningful change.

We work with all of NOAA’s Line Offices to coordinate social science activities across the agency because using the full breadth of what the social sciences have to offer will increase the impact of NOAA investments and improve the creation and communication of societal value.


Social Science Committee

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