The Social Science Committee (SSC) brings together representatives from each of NOAA’s Line
Offices to strengthen, coordinate, and integrate the agency’s social science research and
analysis capabilities.

Current Membership

  • Monica Grasso, PRSS (Chair)
  • Douglas Lipton, NMFS (Co-Chair)
  • Jennifer Sprague, NWS (Co-chair)
  • Charles Alexander, OMAO
  • Kate Becker, NESDIS
  • Nancy Beller-Simms, OAR
  • Vankita Brown, NWS
  • Rita Curtis, NMFS
  • Chris Ellis, NOS
  • Gina Eosco, OAR
  • Alison Krepp, OAR
  • Elizabeth Rohring, OAR
  • Giselle Samonte, NMFS
  • Leticia Williams, NWS (Acting Executive Secretary)


Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior