Our Work

We provide senior oversight to efforts to generate statistics for the U.S. ocean economy.

  • Economics: National Ocean Watch (ENOW)
    “Economics: National Ocean Watch” or ENOW provides annual time-series data that summarize statistics from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Census Bureau to describe six economic sectors that depend on the oceans and Great Lakes. NOAA’s senior leadership, the White House, state and local government agencies, researchers, and nongovernmental organizations use the data. 

Ocean Economy Satellite Account
A second activity is a comprehensive assessment of the U.S. ocean economy that can be developed using existing data. This effort will lead to the development of an “Ocean Economy Satellite Account,” a specialized tabulation of the ocean economy based on and integrated with BEA’s “National Economic
Accounts” and will improve current statistics in two ways: capturing additional activity that cannot be easily identified in published data and providing
insights into the contribution of the ocean economy to non-ocean sectors (e.g., seaports that provide agriculture and manufacturing sectors with access to overseas markets).


Reports and Publications