NOAA’s performance management system, the SEE framework, is designed to provide a detailed roadmap for accomplishing NOAA’s long-term goals and five-year objectives established within the DOC strategic plan. The unique set of SEE products and decision points will help improve the execution of programs, enhance accountability, and allow NOAA to adapt to a changing environment.

The SEE framework provides three primary benefits to NOAA.

»STRENGTHEN THE LINKAGE OF STRATEGY TO EXECUTION LOs and SOs will be directly accountable for implementing NOAA’s goals and objectives and associated annual priorities, outlined in the DOC-SP and LO and SO strategic plans.

»BUILD NOAA’S CAPACITY TO LEARN AND IMPROVE THROUGH PROGRAM EVALUATION By improving performance metrics and using a suite of evaluation methods (DOC-Annual Strategic Review (ASR), Bottom Up Review (BUR), Quarterly NEP Reviews, Program Management Council (PMC)) NOAA will approach performance evaluation in the systematic and rigorous manner that is expected by DOC and OMB.

»INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF NOAA-WIDE DECISIONMAKING The SEE process features planning and executing with the same accounting structure, the fiscal constraints introduced in the planning phase, and streamlined decision processes, but with fewer products.

On August 10, 2015 the original SEE framework was streamlined and modified to improve efficiencies and effectiveness (i.e. SEE Optimization). The resultant SEE framework, which is coordinated by the Performance, Risk, and Social Science Office (OCFO/PRSS), is outlined in Figure 5.1.

In 2017 by integrating NOAA priority goals and objectives into the DOC strategic plan and using the DOC Annual Strategic Review process for assessing progress against these goals and objectives, efficiencies have been gained and  engagement of political leadership in the SEE framework was strengthened.

The purpose, timing, and responsible parties within the SEE decision making framework are described in Table 5-1.

Figure 5-1 The SEE Framework


Optimized SEE Process



Evaluations of SEE Products


Bottom-Up Budget Review

Tracks spending in a consistent way, flags financial management issues, and ensures that the identified thematic topic areas of spending reported in the BUR are illustrative of each organization’s portfolio. This is reviewed against the performance measures inventory.

NOAA Budget Submit

Use DOC budget review and relevant programmatic evaluation findings to improve base budget defensibility, and improve feasibility and readiness of budget alternatives.

NOAA Performance Reviews (NEP/ Quarterly)

Provides an operational forum to flag and address highlights, challenges, risks, and areas for further evaluation in a corporate way.

Annual Operating Plans (AOP)

Use actual performance results to review execution performance, cost, and schedule; produce accountability reports complying with BSC, Performance and Accountability Report, and statutory evaluations; and assess NOAA accomplishment toward strategic goals.

Program Management Council (PMC)

Conduct corporate evaluations as specific issues arise.

DOC-Annual Strategic Review

Assess progress against priority NOAA objectives.


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